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Happy Lemon Tutors provide more than just a Teacher for your school. Our consultants will meet with you and discuss your needs. We want you to be fully satisfied with our service.

Whether your school would like to develop specific aspects of the curriculum, introduce a new after school class for example Cambridge English Courses, or just help design the English Corner in your school we have the expertise to help you and your students achieve your goals.


Happy Lemon Tutors have a complete support and management service for our teachers including visa application, and sick leave. Our teaching support system includes planning support, teaching materials and ongoing teacher development. 

Happy Lemon Tutors 不僅為你的學校提供教師,我們的顧問更會與您會面並了解貴校的需求,希望提供讓你感到滿意的服務。




Happy Lemon Tutors 為我們的老師提供全面的支持和管理服務,包括簽證申請和病假。我們的教學系統包括課堂規劃,教學材料和教師持續性發展等各方面的支持。

Responsible education is always at the top of our agenda, and therefore, we require all of our staffs (both teaching and admin) to conduct The Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC) with the Hong Kong Police Force before their work starts.


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