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Can learning really be fun?

Most often when we think of learning or studying, we don’t associate it with the word ‘fun’. It’s usually boring, difficult or dull.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case! Research says that when studies becomes boring or uninteresting, the learning stops too. 

So what’s the goal? The goal is to keep children engaged in the work in front of them so that they are able to truly benefit. Fun learning takes away the boredom and stress and provides children with an engaging and effective learning environment. 

So, what are some ways that we can make learning fun? Here are some tips that we use at to ensure that our students are benefitting as much as possible.

Play games. LOTS of games! 

This may seem like a waste of time for some people, and perhaps an ineffective learning tool. But what’s the one thing that all kids have in common? They love to play! There are many ways to incorporate both games and studies so that they are having a great time while learning. It’s important to us that our students associate learning with fun and good times.

Use a combination of learning methods.

A fantastic way to keep children focused for a whole class is to provide them with a variety of tasks in different ways. By using various methods in a class the students find it easier to concentrate for longer periods of time without getting bored. Our goal is to provide classes that keep them engaged for longer. We believe in stimulating their minds! 

Encourage interaction.

At Happy Lemon Tutors we believe that each student has value. We believe the importance of interaction and not just teacher-to-student teaching. We encourage our students to speak up and give their opinions. It’s important to us that they feel like they matter and so we focus on giving them opportunities to express themselves. Not only does this make them feel special, but it helps improve their confidence too!

Written by Happy Lemon Tutors, native English teacher, Miss Jodi.

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