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Learning English through STEM

Bringing STEM into the ESL classroom can be a fun and useful way to learn a new language and new skills.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities provide an enjoyable and engaging setting for children to learn English.

Not only will your child learn English, but they will learn valuable skills which will allow them to excel down the line.

A report from the ‘National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, found that English language students lack access to STEM instruction,’ which can result in them missing out on key skills needed by future employers.

It is thought that introducing STEM concepts, vocabulary and activities into the lesson, will help reduce this deficit[1].

Learning through STEM can improve your problem solving skills and broaden your vocabulary. STEM lessons allow students to learn through different mediums, including technology. Games, robots and interactive programmes mean students no longer rely solely on books and worksheets to acquire new knowledge. Instead they learn through doing in a much more interactive way. Some Schools and Education centres are now including STEM programmes such as coding in their curriculum. An introduction to this topic at an early age prepares children for life in a technologically advancing world.

At Happy Lemon, young learners have been introduced to the world of STEM and Coding with the help of ‘Qobo’ the Robobloq educational robot. Students learn how to code and programme the robot so that it can perform instructions such as move, sing and flash. This allows learners to become confident in understanding instructions in English as well as promoting problem solving, cognitive learning and critical thinking skills.

Teaching STEM in the ESL(English as a Second Language) classroom gives students lots of opportunity for discussion and practice to master the English language.

It gives them an authentic reason to practice their reading, writing, listening and speaking English skills[2].

It also may encourage students who are less confident to speak out, as it is a much more welcoming environment than a grammar lesson. STEM provides topics with interesting subject matter to learn new vocabulary.

If you are looking for a fun and engaging way for your child to learn English then STEM classes could be the one for you. They are sure to give your child a memorable and enjoyable learning experience and set them up for a bright future ahead.

Written by Happy Lemon Tutors, native English teacher, Miss Catriona

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