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Become a Native English Speaker

Discover the joys of learning English with a Native English Teacher! Happy Lemon Tutors is dedicated to bringing you the very best learning experience in Hong Kong! Our teachers are all working very hard to boost your child’s knowledge and improve their lives!

Become a Native English Speaker

Oral English with a Native English Teacher is easy! We want to build the confidence of our students. Skyrocket your children’s speaking skills and see them shine! The results will be clear to hear and see!

Learning phonics with a Native English Teacher at an early age is the most effective way to learn the best pronunciation!

Why not combine these classes with STEM classes? We can do it! Half of the class can focus on phonics and learning to read, the other half can be learning the effects of gravity in a STEM class!

Happy Lemon Tutors provides private classes at your home anytime of the day. Monday - Saturday.

For more details see our courses:

Age Group: 2+

Contact Details: +852 9882 5980 (Eng) +852 9102 2811 (中文)


  • $400/hr Private Class - Customised for you with our Native English Teacher

  • $250/hr Private Class (online) - Customised for you with our Native English Teacher

  • $250/hr Private Class - Customised for you with our Native Mandarin Teacher

  • $250/hr Private Class (online) - Customised for you with our Native Mandarin Teacher

Number of students per class: 1-4 pax

English Book Review (Duration 1- 2 hours)

Students will read and review a book during the class. Each class the kids will develop reading skills. Learning to retell a story and develop writing skills has never been easier than with a Native English teacher. Our students fall in love with books!

  • Improve reading skills

  • Learn to write with purpose

  • Analyse text and become a critic

Speaking & Film Making Class (Duration 1- 2 hours)

Children will learn how to communicate with one another using speaking games and fun interactive activities. As well as describing events, situations and posters in English. They also have a chance to record their monologues with the teacher and post it on social media!

  • Speak fluently with confidence

  • Learn how to communicate with anyone in any situation

  • Skyrocket public speaking and presentation skills

Cooking Class (Duration 1- 2 hours)

Delicious food cooked by young chefs. Our Native English Teacher can guide your children through a recipe. Can you be a Masterchef?

  • Learn how to follow instructions

  • Improve your writing skills, write instructions of a process

  • Become a food blogger and write a review of the food

STEM Class (Duration 1- 2 hours)

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths Class. Our teachers will conduct scientific experiments with children, measuring, recording and learning the scientific process. Kickstart your children’s engineering career now!

  • Build on problem solving skills

  • Learn data analysis skills

  • Gain a new perception on the world around us!

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