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Summer Courses @ Happy Lemon Tutors - Wan Chai & Prince Edward

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Sun's out! Happy Lemon Tutor's Summer Courses are in!

This summer, we have a range of amazing classes and activities to get your children excited about learning English and Chinese! Our talented team of native English teachers have created our best ever summer course. There will be games and activities, speaking classes, writing and grammar classes, STEM classes and much much more!

  • Amazing Classroom Activities Everyday!

  • Native English Teachers (The Best in Hong Kong)

  • Flexible Class Schedules

From left to right, Miss Catherine, Miss Debbie, Dr James & Miss Fleur. All part of the summer course team.

How can we have summer courses at Happy Lemon Tutors without our signature COOKING CLASSES?

Over the summer, we will bring you delicious dishes designed for young learners to prepare and cook.

  • Improve gross and fine motor skills

  • Broaden your horizons and learn something new

  • Have fun with new friends

Summer Fun for Young Learners - Happy Lemon Tutors ☀️🍋

Course Objective: To provide a fun and engaging learning experience for young learners through various language activities focusing on phonics, interactive storytime, music and singing, play-based learning, show and tell, writing and grammar.


- Introduction to letter sounds, alphabet identification, and reading basic words

- Phonemic awareness activities

- Interactive games and worksheets to reinforce phonics concepts

- Word building and decoding exercises

Interactive Storytime

- Reading comprehension strategies

- Listening and speaking skills through story narration

- Vocabulary building through story themes

- Group discussions and role-playing activities

Music and Singing

- Learning new vocabulary through sing-along songs

- Basic music theory and concepts

- Exploring different music genres

- Group and solo singing performances

Play-based Learning

- Educational games and activities

- Creative problem solving

- Developing critical thinking skills

- Hands-on experiential learning

Show and Tell

- Building confidence in public speaking

- Developing communication skills

- Learning to express ideas and opinions

- Show and tell presentations on various themes

Writing and Grammar

- Developing writing & handwriting skills

- Basic Grammar Rules (Tenses, Singular/Plural, etc.)

- Writing Skills (Sentence Construction, Paragraph Writing, etc.)

- Spelling and Punctuation

All classes will have elements of the subjects above related to the weekly theme and letter.

Class Schedule

- Classes will run from June to end of August

- Each class will be 3 hours long

- Classes will be held everyday

- A maximum of 6 students per class


- Certified Native English teachers with experience in teaching young learners

- Passionate about providing fun and interactive language learning experiences

- Trained in using technology and multimedia tools to enhance learning


The Summer Fun for Young Learners course is designed to provide a fun and stimulating environment for young students to learn and practice new language skills. Through a variety of activities and strategies, students will improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, while building confidence, creativity and critical thinking abilities.

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