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Oral - Speaking Classes with a native English Teacher

Discover how to speak fluently with confidence! Skyrocket your child's English and see the results now! Our students LOVE it!

Mandarin Teachers
Mandarin Teachers

Native Mandarin Speaking Classes





Happy Lemon Tutors 現在提供1對1或小組形式教授的劍橋英語課程,而我們的專業導師更會直接上門授課!學生無需浪費時間於前往繁忙的學習中心。無論您的孩子是否正在學習Flyers,Mover或Starters劍橋英語考試課程,我們均能為您提供全套課程的學習教材以及掌握考核內容的專業意見。




NEW - Happy Lemon Phonics English Classes

Learning phonics with a Native English Teacher at an early age is the most effective way to learn the best pronunciation! Speak like a westerner and understand all of the colloquial phrases. With this foundation in your child's learning everything else will become child's play. In this course the children learn all the letter sounds, recognise all of the letters, and learn to read. On top of that they will experience and share joy with our Happy Lemon Stories. Everybody loves a good story! 

This fun and interactive course can be provided in combination with other courses to give a well rounded education for your child. Don't forget to have FUN! 

STEM Classes! - Science Technology Engineering and Maths!

​It is simple and easy if you start early!

  • Reach the goal of being a smart high achiever! 

  • Be an independent thinker! 


  • STEM classes are great for your child to develop strong analytical skills! 

A brilliant way to boost their potential through discovery and logic. 


HAPPY KIDS learn more! 


  • 老少皆宜 -  每节课学习新食谱

  • 玩游戏,和老师一起玩

  • 每周末上课!

  • 提供私人团体课程

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